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29/05/23 Social Media Ban

After a fulminant start of CAli*MA Art Gallery and CAli*MA Marketing for Artists, on Facebook and Instagram one week ago, some jealous people reported us to Facebook as inappropriate, already the next day. Without further checking, they currently block every link to our website as well as our social media pages. Meaning, we can only rely on our websites now, so please support us and help make them known. Thank you!
As long as the problem isn't fixed, and this can need a while as they don't respond to any message, we delete the social media links on the bottom of our websites.

29/04/23 Curating a Cairo Exhibition

We proudly announce that Claudia Ali is curating the exhibition "Metamorphosis / Basaltic Code" by the artists Abdullah Ali Butler and Mahmoud Mokhtar at the Atelier du Caire in 2 Karim el-Dawla Street, off Mahmoud Bassiouny, Downtown Cairo! The exhibition opens on 7 May 2023 at 7 pm and will be on display until 18 May 2023. Come and be impressed!

Exhibition Metamorphosis / Basaltic Code by the artists Abdullah Ali Butler and Mahmoud Mokhtar at the Atelier du Caire in Cairo

08/03/23 Friedrich Nietzsche on How Art Can Help You Grow as a Person

"Nietzsche was interested in the interplay between two creative forces that he believed guided artists. Like many of Nietzsche’s concepts, these forces – named after the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus – are complex and difficult to define. Art inspired by Apollo, the god of truth and prophecy, is rational, constructive, and idealistic, while art inspired by Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, is emotional, instinctive, and spiritual. Apollonian art is reflective: it helps people make sense of their surroundings, identify and solve problems, and bring order to a chaotic world. Dionysian art is rooted in experiences and relishes in chaos. It’s about existing in the world rather than scrutinizing ..."


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