Thank you for visiting CAli*MA ONLINE ART GALLERY. Nice to meet you here.

Usually, an art gallery has a limited space and you have to visit it during certain opening hours to see the artworks. A virtual art gallery is infinite in space and time. CAli*MA's Art Gallery is an online art gallery, which means regardless of where you live and at what time of day or night you search for art you can reach us. 24 hours a day.

We are dedicated to showcasing authentic visual artworks, mainly of contemporary Egyptian artists and non-Egyptians living in Egypt. Thereby, supporting emerging talents is as crucially relevant for us as promoting established artists. All works are for sale and available through CAli*MA Art Gallery.

CAli*MA's Art Gallery has an implemented shopping cart system, which makes the shopping experience comfortable and safe for you. You can sort the artworks by price, names and date of arrivals, search for artists, techniques or keywords, filter the results by price and mark your favourites. To buy an artwork is now so easy! However, if you have questions contact us or read the FAQ.

So, look around, enjoy the artworks and keep in mind:

Photo without quote: Jennie Razumnaya

*Calligraphy in the header of this website by Egyptian artist Mohamed Elshimy.
Thanks a lot, dear Mohamed!

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